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          Ray Jammin'with his band

            at his dad's store in D.C.





Music Journalist Ray Shasho has been on a 'rock and roll' pilgrimage to help promote and save the greatest music

the world has ever known. Before the internet and Napster, virtuoso musicians traditionally introduced their music by way of mainstream radio stations while anxious music enthusiasts hurried to their favorite record stores and purchased a copy of the artist’s latest release. Talk radio wasn’t popular because there was way too much great

music to play over the airwaves. Advertisers didn’t rule the airwaves, the music did. Rock legends toured the world to promote their latest albums and prices of concert tickets were extremely affordable. Proficient musicians, singers, and songwriters are what made the music so great!


These recent and candid interviews include …

life changing events, band feuds that have lasted for decades, love affairs with bandmates, drug induced stories, spirituality, metaphysical beliefs, Woodstock memories, Joplin and Hendrix tidbits, mafia owned record companies, untold stories about The Beatles, royalties issues, management and record company thieving and conniving, political views, conspiracy theories, humorous and tragic anecdotes, transitioning to Christianity and suicide. 


Music journalist Ray Shasho was dubbed ‘Rock Raymond’ by friends and family for his love of rock music. Since a kid growing up in Baltimore, Maryland he became obsessed with music. In high school, he attended hundreds of rock concerts and even took a job at the famed Capital Centre arena to meet his favorite rock stars before and after their shows. After graduating from a CBS owned broadcasting school in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Ray became a Top 40 radio deejay in the late 70’s and early 80’s and his life became the music. Unfortunately radio stations trusted computers (Arbitron ratings) over human instincts. It was the early radio jocks who discovered great music and put it out over the airwaves. Radio became mundane when they began mimicking each other based on the Arbitrons.


After his stint in radio, Shasho became an entrepreneur in electronics. Ray and his family owned and operated cutting-edge retail electronic businesses in Washington, D.C.  Shasho witnessed all the technological advancements firsthand and how it affected the music industry. From early transistor radios, record players, reel to reel tape recorders, cassette and eight track tape players, walkmans, CD players to MP3’s. Some of Ray’s clients included … Chuck Norris, James Mason, Ted Williams, Alex Haley, Art Buchwald, Dick Gregory, Dionne Warwick, John Candy, Jon Voight and General Colin Powell.


On December 22nd, 2010 after publishing his first novel entitled Check the Gs, an awe-inspiring personal memoir about growing up in the family business; Ray Shasho joined as a classic rock music journalist in St. Petersburg, Florida. Examiner is a division of the Clarity Media Group, owned by AEG one of the largest sports and entertainment companies in the world … AEG Live promoted The Rolling Stones ‘50 & Counting’ tour.  It started out as a fun gig to help promote his book but something very extraordinary transformed. Shasho began covering concerts and music events around the Tampa Bay area and decided to take a crack at interviewing some of the rock music legends that he idolized all of his life.


Ray quickly became one of the top music journalists in the country. His column was read by thousands of music enthusiasts daily and Shasho’s in-depth interviews, album and concert reviews are featured on artist websites around the globe.

Shasho began asking each legendary musician, singer and songwriter this question … If you had a “Field of Dreams” wish, like the movie, to play or collaborate with anyone from the past or present, who would that be? The question became eminent to the interviewer and interviewee and the responses will surely surprise the most discerning music enthusiast.


So sit back, relax and reminisce to those carefree days of your youth, when your rock and roll heroes changed the way you looked and felt about life. 


Contact Ray Shasho at


 © Copyright All Rights Reserved 

Ray Shasho (Richards) on WNAV radio - Ray Shasho (Richards) on WNAV radio

Ray Shasho (Ray Richards) aircheck on            WNAV Annapolis in 1979

Ray with the legendary Ted Williams


Ray's first book about growing up

       around the family business.

Ray's second Edition Novel

Wacky Shenanigans on F Street

-Proud to be Politically Incorrect in Washington D.C.

   Ray with Mark Lindsay

   legendary Paul Revere

& The Raiders  Lead Singer

Ray Shasho with Carmine Appice

of Vanilla Fudge

coverBook Baby.jpg

Ray with Peter Rivera original lead singer and drummer of


John Paul Jones(Led Zeppelin) with Ray Shasho 

RAY'S Latest release 


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   Music Journalist

Ray Shasho.. Delivers Interviews..

Reviews.. Music News.. Promotions..




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